To Request books

Since we hand deliver all books, we can only deliver books to organizations in the greater Fairfield County Connecticut area.

If you would like us to deliver books to your organization, please complete this on line form with your needs or email us at

To Donate books

If you would like to donate directly to, feel free to contact us directly

If you are looking for a convenient drop off, you can give books to:  

Greenwich: The Book Shed at the Holly Hill Recycling Center is open on Friday and Saturday mornings from 8am - noon. This is our primary source of books as takes all the excess children's books each week.

In Darien: Drop books off at Darien Book Aid Plan at 1926 Post Road, Darien, Ct  The front vestibule is open 24/7 for donations. Many of the books donated here will go overseas for Peace Corps volunteers, but we are beginning to do more local requests.  Learn more about DBA by clicking here